Meet Bruno Werneck And filmpaint

When I’m at Comic-Con I enjoy meeting different artists and exhibitors as I stroll around the main floor. Sometimes I walk with a specific booth in mind and other times I follow what attracts my eyes and ears.

This year I met Bruno Werneck on preview night because of his beautiful, otherworldly vision and unique way of displaying his art. He has created what he calls “Dream Currency” for display at Comic-Con. He told me that he will be an exhibitor at Wonder Con 2017 as well. I may attend Wonder Con next year for the first time and Bruno would be the tipping point for me. What he showed at San Diego Comic-Con resembles paper money, but it’s printed on larger, sturdier paper stock.

Bruno’s “money” is just an introduction to his art. Visit his website and you’ll see that he’s been involved with projects like Star Wars and a number of other recognizable fantasy worlds. While I can’t find his “Dream Currency” on his website, you can check out Bruno Werneck and his art through the link below.

Bruno Werneck/filmpaint


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